Tempted to try AI?

Can Artificial Intelligence Help You To Write?

Clue: it can but it can’t do it all

Bev G 🧙‍♀️
5 min readJan 18, 2023


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It’s the new, big thing. People are using AI to create articles, blog posts, advertising, and various other forms of writing. It seems like a great idea; type in a few prompts, press ‘Write’, and away you go… a fully formed piece of writing ready to publish. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t use AI exclusively

Pretty soon the digital universe will be full of bland, derivative, often factually incorrect, boring, colorless writing. AI might make the construction of an article effortless, but readers are human beings and human beings need the human touch if they are going to remain readers.

Good writing has a ‘voice’

Excluding technical writing, medical reports, and studies, if your goal is to communicate with your readers, you need a voice. I expect you’ve heard this multiple times and puzzled over what it means. It’s hard to define, but it is inherently a human quality in writing. For instance, you can tell I’m a human because there’s a certain tone to my writing. That’s because I am writing TO you, my reader.

In contrast, AI simply lays out its wares on the table with no embellishment, no nuance, no warmth, and no voice. It’s plain, logical, and ultimately soporific. Yawny yawn. Your reader will press the Back button within a paragraph or two.

Other downsides to AI-generated text

I’ve been experimenting with AI and while its ‘abilities’ have impressed me, I have also observed a few shortcomings aside from the tendency to bland regurgitation.

Sometimes AI gets its facts wrong. The programs are basically text scraping, i.e. they create blocks of text by amalgamating similar text already published on the web. Not every source is correct. Therefore, any fact stated must be checked for accuracy.

AI text displays obvious giveaways. For example, “ In this article, we will discuss… “ It’s always ‘we’. Often when you check the conclusion, it’s actually an introduction. Writers who are attempting to write in a…



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