Fibromyalgia Diet: How I Gave FMS Pain the Boot

A few years ago, I thought a normal life was over

Bev G 🧙‍♀️
7 min readMar 2, 2023


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A few years ago I began to get a sharp pain in my left leg. Made it hard to walk but I managed. I thought it was sciatica and waited for it to go by itself. Except it didn’t go. It got worse. And the same pain arrived in my right arm. Then my left and across my shoulders and collarbones. It felt as if I had tight rubber bands running down my buttocks — making it difficult to walk and bend. I persevered because I love to walk my dogs and felt that the exercise was necessary to retain the little bit of flexibility I had left.

There were other symptoms as well: my memory became foggy, I was exhausted from lack of sleep, and I became sensitive to cacophony and sensory overload. Searching for answers, it became obvious that I had fibromyalgia. My story will be familiar to many fibromyalgia sufferers, I’m sure.

The Progression of FMS

Over the months, I veered from anger through depression and back to the determination that this insidious disease was not going to beat me. I continually affirmed to myself that there was nothing physically wrong with my limbs. That it was my brain misinterpreting normal sensation. Some days, I had to leave the dog walking to my partner because I just couldn’t do it.

I researched fibromyalgia and fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) as much as I could. Lurked around patient boards, and read recommendations by people who suffer from it. I only found one or two who claimed to have conquered it — one was with homeopathy. And of course, I tried it — to no avail. Another mentioned a list of supplements that she uses to keep the pain at bay. Ordered every single one on the list and took them for three months. No change, apart from with each day, the pain seemed to get worse, although there were some days that were easier than others.

Those days were when I kidded myself I’d cracked it… I was getting better. I watched Dr Sarno's videos, and read books written by his acolytes. Went on a weight loss diet. Practiced deep breathing. Listened to hypnosis recordings. I’m a qualified reflexologist so I re-flexed my feet like crazy — when I could actually reach them. Apart from very…



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