Gang Stalking: Why You May Not Be a Targeted Individual

And you might not be the victim of gang stalking at all

Bev G 🧙‍♀️
12 min readOct 15, 2021
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Stalking is common. Many people report being stalked by their ex, their ex’s lover or spouse, or, more rarely, some random nut job who believes their victim has slighted them somehow.

Usually, it’s a spurned lover or someone who’d like to be a lover. It happens to celebrities a lot. Those who believe their erstwhile loved one is looking directly at them from the TV screen and sending messages of love… or derision. It whips them into a frenzy until the only release is to unleash a vicious campaign of stalking, spying, and attempts to contact the object of desire (or hatred).

I’m not talking about those kinds of stalkers; I’m referring to the relatively recently come-to-light phenomena of gang stalking.

What is gang stalking?

There are forms of harassment designated as gang stalking. These include street gangs persecuting an individual. A collection of school bullies making one child’s life a misery. Or a group of coworkers who dislike a particular employee and try to drive them out of their job.

That kind of gang stalking is real and happens all too often.

However, that’s not the kind of activity I’m addressing here. This other kind of gang stalking is much harder to pin down and address.

You know when you are gang stalked because everyone around you, even friends, family, and coworkers, is watching you. Your neighbors are in on it. The guy at the gas station knows who you are and is reporting every time you fill up your car. The woman at the checkout is waiting for you to pay and leave, so she can report what you bought, how much it cost, and what payment method you used.

After reading messages on two other articles of mine about being stalked by one person or being watched by a nosy neighbor, I became interested in this topic. I am somewhat cynical that gang stalking is happening as much as it supposedly is. Yet, I cannot dismiss the fact that so many people report similar things happening to them. Therefore I’m attempting to take a neutral stance.



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